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17 FEBRUARY 2020

Bliss Elementary School, Pili, Camarines Sur, Philippines


This campaign from Cinematography Awards Foundation aims to give youth a chance to make the first step in learning the basics of taking pictures.


• To teach underprivileged school children and adolescents about how to use camera.

• To inspire young people’s enthusiasm in the art of photography and video.

• To help young people develop new and exciting skills.

• To encourage new talents from youth with underprivileged background.


A camera can be a tool to either make a living or tell an important story.

We believe that if we lend a hand for these young talents to hold a camera and learn its basics, we give them the chance to have new skills which they can use and further develop.

In effect, it gives them more opportunities for a brighter future.


A school or any community-based institution is chosen to be the beneficiary of our free workshop. This year, we went to the province of Bicol in the Philippines. We hope to visit other countries around Southeast Asia and soon expand to other parts of the world.

We also asked for volunteer photographers, in particular where the workshop is happening, to help us teach around 20-30 participating children. The number of volunteers will depend on the number of participants.

During the workshop, we teach all the participants the proper way of holding the camera, introduce camera operations, talk about composition and the fun part, take photos.

After the workshop, we give the children certificates to remind them of what they have learned. We also leave a camera kit for the school or institution so that the children can practice with their new skill.


We will open an opportunity for local and international photographers and videographers to volunteer for this project. A number of people has already committed including the filmmakers involved in Cinematography Awards.



The photographs produced by the young shutterbugs during the workshop will be displayed during the Asian Cinematography Awards festival proper. Viewers will have the opportunity to see the works of the young participants and vote for their favourite picture.

Aside from exhibition, the photographs will be published online at Cinematography Awards website.

Campaign Donation:

Any little helps. We will open donations for this campaign to help with this initiative. It will not only facilitate in bringing the children to the location safely, but also provide them with other educational materials they would need such as bags, pens and notebooks.

Donations are not only monetary. Used or old cameras, digital or manual, tripods and lenses would also be useful. This will ensure that the number of cameras we are able to use for the workshop, the more students will be able to participate.

Part of the plan that we hope to happen if there are enough camera donations is to leave at least one donated camera to the institution so that all participating students will have a chance to practice photography further after the workshop.


The campaign is carried out by the Cinematography Awards Foundation.

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